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Reverse Mortgage Testimonials
What our clients are saying about us...

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Reverse Mortgage Client Testimonials

Our clients are saying great things about their experience with us!

“The entire process of getting my HECM Reverse Mortgage was painless, quick and easy. The difficult legal requirement and forms were handled by two (Aspire Home Mortgage) Managers who mailed them to me to read and sign. All was done at home without me and my wife having to leave. Part of the process included independent home appraisal for value which would determine how much money we would get and was paid from the monies we received as were any pre-existing mortgage loans. The beauty of the reverse mortgage is there are no monthly bills to pay which greatly improved our cash flow and ability to meet our other bills. Our heirs won’t get as much but will get to keep what’s left after the house reverse mortgage is paid. This can be done by selling the house by the heirs or paying the bill and living in it. By having extra money, we won’t be a financial burden to our kids. My wife and I are happy with the ease of doing this through (Aspire Home Mortgage) and are glad we did this. Thanks Greg and Michael!” ….. Lyle C. from Waretown, NJ


 The best double play combination in the mortgage industry (Newman to Markoff to the Client).  They represent professionalism at its finest.  They do not attempt to talk you into their program.  They are very detailed and precise about all aspects regarding their presentation.  They explain how the program will benefit you/family.  Any concerns you may have you can ask, and they will answer.  You will never feel pressured and they will leave you with the advice “Think about it and call if you wish to pursue the program”.  When you call this company, you can be rest assured that you are dealing with the top of the class.  We made the right choice, we secured our future and our children will benefit from our decision.” …. William & Marilyn J. from Williamstown, NJ


 Michael Markoff and Greg Newman did an incredible job in walking me though the steps of securing a reverse mortgage.  My financial advisor who handles my affairs was also pleased with their preciseness in their handling of this assessment for me.  They came to my house with everything in order and went step by step through the entire process.  I would certainly recommend them to any other persons in securing a reverse mortgage.  It’s certainly worth looking into- and I being a widow have found this to be a very satisfying financial opportunity.” …. Felicia L. from Newtown Square, PA


 “I was introduced to Greg through my financial advisor and I can’t thank him enough.  Greg Newman and Michael Markoff have made two refinances go so smoothly, I barely knew they were happening.  They are both professional in their business dealings and show a sincere concern throughout the process.  Recommending Greg and Mike to anyone looking to purchase or refinance is a no-brainer. ….. Michael H. from Oakland, NJ


 As with any mortgage transaction, I was very nervous about doing this.  Michael Markoff took that feeling away. He came to the house and met both me and my daughter who was an accountant. He spent quite a long time with us explaining and educating us to make sure we both understood what he was saying, how the program worked and all the options we had.  I decided to move forward with the reverse mortgage and have had to call Michael a few times to answer some questions that I had after the fact that I didn’t understand. Greg Newman and Michael Markoff were always there to take my calls and got right back in contact with me the same day.  Michael Markoff even called me back one time while he was at a Reverse Mortgage Convention in New Orleans, that’s what you call “DEDICATION”.  I would highly recommend Michael Markoff and Greg Newman anytime to anyone who is looking for a reverse mortgage! …. Eleanor Mc C. Palmyra, NJ


“It is my pleasure to write you about my experience in obtaining the reverse mortgage. I have only good things to say and remember about working with Mr. Markoff and the other reverse mortgage associates who assisted in my obtaining the reverse mortgage. Today with the prices of living and the economy sometimes makes meeting expenses most difficult, especially if you are a single parent. I really appreciate all that was done by Mr. Markoff and Greg to make it easier for me to understand. I love my home dearly and was fearful of it being threatened by the high raise in taxes, which are a heavy burden to meet at times with the other expenses of living. They were most informing and patient in their direction and advice. I did not feel pressured at seeking their advice. They were only happy to assist me. I certainly would recommend your organization to anyone seeking help in this situation. It certainly was a relief and answered prayer that I could remain in my home that I love so much, and I am very thankful to you all.” ….. Doris M. from West Orange, NJ


 “I just want to say that I couldn’t ask for anything better than this reverse mortgage. It has helped me so much. I will keep telling my family and friends about it. I can sleep better to know I have help. I thank (Aspire Home Mortgage) knowing that I can go on staying in my home. I don’t have enough words to say how happy I am. Only G-d knows because he sent a reverse mortgage by to help me. I will continue to spread the word about it.” ….. Lillie M. from Trenton, NJ


 “I didn’t understand the reverse mortgage process. Mike and Greg stayed with me and walked me through every step even when I had decided to go with another company. When I found out the other company wasn’t reliable, I went back to (Aspire Home Mortgage) and they picked up where we left off, and got my loan approved. I am very grateful to them and I am now able to pay off my creditors while saving money. I thank them very much and would highly recommend them to my friends and family.” ….. Floranne W. from Philadelphia, PA


“It is an honor to share my great experience that I had with the staff of (Aspire Home Mortgage).  I crossed paths with Michael Markoff when he was helping my mother complete a reverse mortgage. He was so professional yet very compassionate. After sitting in on a meeting with Michael, I felt like I had known him for years and had my mother’s best interests at heart. Everything went over very smoothly as Michael said and was completed in no time.

Months later, with rates being at a record low, I thought back to the great job Michael had performed with helping my mother and decided to contact (Aspire Home Mortgage) right away. I have to be honest I was a little uneasy because now I was thinking this is different from a reverse mortgage. Michael stepped right in and got the ball rolling. There were times when Michael was busy, but I was never put on hold. Greg Newman stepped right in and continued to keep the ball rolling. I was amazed because I thought Michael was a gem (which is rare) but I have to say Greg was just as great. (Aspire Home Mortgage) is very blessed to have such great, professional and compassionate employees. When going through actions such as a reverse mortgage or even refinancing, these times can be very frustrating and trying. But I have to say I didn’t have that experience this time. Everything flowed so smoothly that I felt as soon as it started it was over. I walked away feeling like I had accomplished so much with no aggravation.

The act of kindness didn’t stop there. Michael and Greg told me that I could always call if I had any questions and they meant exactly what they said. I have called on these guys once everything was complete and they were right there to answer my questions with no hesitation. They are the best. Every chance that I get I will refer someone to them. I tell everyone who will listen about how great (Nations Lending) and their staff are, if you don’t use them you are the one missing out.” ….. Denay & Darren P. from Levittown, PA


“Dear Michael, just a note to thank you very much for all your help in our reverse mortgage. You were beyond considerate! You kept us updated at all times and explained everything in detail to us, which was very much appreciated. You made something (that we thought) would be difficult, very easy for us to understand. For that… THANKS THANKS THANKS, we are beyond grateful.” ….. George & Josephine R. from Delmont, NJ


“When I first entered the reverse mortgage, I was somewhat nervous. We had the counseling over the phone and I was still a little nervous. But when we met Michael Markoff, I was so at ease.  Michael explained everything in lay-men terms. We have bought a few houses so we have applied for mortgages before. It was always so business like… sign here, sign there, etc. But Michael took his time, explained everything, asked if we had questions and he was more like a friend than a business man. If we had a question we could call Michael or Greg. Greg was just as nice as Michael and answered all our questions. Michael Markoff and Greg Newman are a great asset to the company.” ….. Karen & William P. from Philadelphia, PA


“Michael & Greg were wonderful to work with on the reverse mortgage. They made the whole process very easy for us and explained everything we needed to do and present to them. If we had to do it over, we would definitely use them and will also refer our friends to them when they are ready to go through the same procedures.” ….. Elizabeth & Robert M. from Perkasie, PA


“It was a pleasure to work with Michael Markoff & Greg Newman… They provide you with so much information and made things clear while explaining every detail. They were compassionate with warm personalities and so easy to talk to. We need more people like them working with the public. They listened and answered all my questions and again, it was a pleasure to work with them.” ….. Virginia E. from Philadelphia, PA


“I liked working with Michael and Greg so much that I recommended them to someone else and they were able to get a reverse mortgage for him too! In my travels, if I find any other people who can use their services, I won’t hesitate turning them on to (Aspire Home Mortgage)!” ….. Howard G. from Edgewater, Park, NJ


“The trust that we had in Mr. Markoff and Mr. Newman was because they are such caring people. Mr. Markoff spent hours at our home, answering in detail any and every question and concern that we may have had about getting a reverse mortgage. There were no hidden fees and his patience with clarifying every detail was unbelievable. The transaction went smoothly and before we knew it, we had our check in our hands. We cannot praise Mr. Markoff and Mr. Newman enough for their assistance. We shall recommend them highly to all our friends and anyone we come across that needs a reverse mortgage. They certainly put us at ease and if we had to do it over again, Mr. Markoff and Mr. Newman would be the only people we would trust.” ….. Marian & Eileen H. from Huntingdon Valley, PA


 “As a man of only few words….. Exceptional service and wonderful to work with.  I highly recommend the services of Michael Markoff & Greg Newman and in the future if any of my friends or family are ever in need, I will always give out their information as to the frim to work with!” ….. Brandon B. Washington, MD


 Initially, we were both very skeptical about reverse mortgages, my wife more so than me.  I was referred to Michael Markoff from my financial advisor who has had other clients use him in the past.  Michael Markoff explained the program in detail answering all our questions and thoroughly explaining all our options.  He was very personable and put us at ease.  He listened to our objectives and helped us chose the program that suited our needs best.  He was always accessible by phone for questions, even on weekends.  He was very patient and answered all questions thoroughly.  Once we decided to go ahead, he guided us through the whole process smoothly and always kept our best interests in mind.  We were glad we found Michael Markoff and Greg Newman and highly recommend them to anyone interested in a reverse mortgage.” ….. Robert & Barbara B. from Lakewood, NJ


 “WE are writing to express our complete satisfaction with the entire reverse mortgage process with (Aspire Home Mortgage). This process initially looked very daunting but with Michael and Greg’s help, it was made extremely manageable.  They were both always available to answer any questions and listen to all of our concerns.  They remained patient, professional and understanding while offering the best solutions for our personal mortgage needs.  I feel confident that using (Aspire Home Mortgage) was the best choice for us. WE would recommend (Aspire Home Mortgage) to any of our family or friends.” ….. Christopher & Carol from Mt. Arlington NJ


 “As I desired to learn more about reverse mortgages, I went to the internet.  Assuming that the largest provider of such loans would be the most knowledgeable and the best provider of servicers, I first went to them. I spent months learning what I wanted to know, getting the application filed, getting a proper appraisal (which never got completed), and getting needed details worked out.  In the meantime, I had contact with Michael Markoff of (Aspire Home Mortgage), although I do not remember how it came about. He explained to me the value of working with a CRMP (Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional) because of their training, knowledge, and the meeting of required high standards.  I found out that there are relatively few such certified professionals in the US and that the largest provider of such loans, with whom I first worked, had none on their entire staff.  Both Michael Markoff and Greg Newman meet this standard. How glad I was when I changed companies.  Not only did things then move smoothly, but I felt that I was given what was best for me, rather than what was best for the loan company.  Totally satisfied.” ….. N.H from Conifer CO


 “My wife and I had been considering a reverse mortgage for over a year, but we were not sure who to contact.  We decided to contact our financial advisor to see if he knew anyone who was knowledgeable in reverse mortgages and who would take the time to explain everything to us.  Without any hesitation he recommended Michael Markoff at (Aspire Home Mortgage).  WE met with Mr. Markoff and was quite surprised and elated at how Michael took the time to explain the components of a reverse mortgage and the several plans we could consider.  Right away we knew we were at the right place and Michael was the right person to help us in our endeavors.  In short, we did get the reverse mortgage! We cannot thank Michael enough for the professional way he handled the process. If we had any questions after the process was completed, he made it clear that we could call him at any time.  We can honestly say that we would gladly recommend the firm of Michael Markoff and Greg Newman to our friends and family members.” ….. Harvey & Barbara from Pedricktown NJ


“Working with Michael Markoff & Greg Newman has been a pleasure and very enlightenimg. When I first started the journey, I was a greenhorn. The reverse mortgage team made everything so clear, they took their time explaining everything to me in layman’s terms where I could really understand the reverse mortgage process.  They were very patient with me and took my phone calls no matter how many times a day I called. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is interested in the program.” ….. Barbara S. from Cleveland OH


“During the period of a few months, we were searching and knocking on various financial institution doors looking for orientation to face our financial situation that was not as healthy as it once was and none could not help us.  Only after we were able to find Michael Markoff and Greg Newman’s phone numbers and them explaining to us that the possibility of a reverse mortgage could be the solution to our financial problems.  For us it was a wonderful and pleasant experience to work with Michael and Greg.” ….. Luis & Pura. from Orlando FL


 “Mr. Michael Markoff was the mortgage advisor that came to our home in New Jersey on several occasions who was referred to us by our Attorney.  Michael’s explanation to help us understand what a reverse mortgage is about, and how to process through it was great!  Michael’s bedside manner was incredible!  We felt like we were dealing with family!  He most importantly, earned our trust in dealing with a professional, courteous, knowledgeable gentleman who represented (Aspire Home Mortgage) in an honest and forthright fashion!  We would recommend (Aspire Home Mortgage) and Michael’s team without a moment of hesitation!” ….. Helen & Joan L. from Blackwood NJ


 “I am so happy to thank (Aspire Home Mortgage) (Michael Markoff CRMP)! I’ve been looking for a thank you card to send to you, but they don’t have one that expresses how awesome you are in your expertise.  This is the truth from our first phone conversation to the settlement table, you were so professional and went above and beyond in every way to get me my reverse mortgage.  How blessed I was to have you and your knowledge of your field on my team.  Thank you so much and wish you peace, health and happiness” …. Doris C. from Bordentown NJ


 “Thank you for making the reverse mortgage such an easy process for us and our family.  You guys are true consummate professionals in the industry and wouldn’t have wanted to work with anyone else.  All of your potential clients should feel the same way about your team.” ….. Siegfried & Marita M. from Sewell NJ


Michael Markoff & Greg Newman made me feel that I could trust them through the 2nd refinance of my reverse mortgage.  Just like years ago. I am very happy about how at ease I was through the process and how good it was from the beginning to the end.  I will always recommend (Aspire Home Mortgage) to my family, all my friends, and neighbors!” ….. A.C. from Philadelphia, PA

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